PeerTube Isolation

Organizing to block Far right's PeerTube instance from the Fediverse and isolate them from us.

The list is available here: /list

On this list you can find instances dedicated to hate content as well as unmoderated instances used for that purpose.


You can help by reporting instances.

On the fediverse: send a message to

On (account required): New Report.

Automute plugin for PeerTube

The automute plugin for PeerTube use a json list to mute instances or account.

Raw list

A raw list of URLs is available here: /list/peertube_isolation.txt.

For example you can use it on uBlock Origin (Settings > Filters lists > Custom) or on PiHole.

Stay updated

You can follow on the fediverse.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed: /list/feed.xml

Credit & reusage

You are free to use this list as a source for larger blocklists. Attribution is appreciated but not mandatory.